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Sell your home for only $7,950!
(Properties over $700,000 are 1% + $950 Expense Fee)

Why pay more for the same Full Service?
✔ MLS® listing ✔ ✔ Showing your home ✔ Open houses
✔ Signage & Photos ✔ Advertising ✔ Market evaluation
✔ Expert real estate agent at your side
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Your property receives the EXACT same MLS® exposure as any Listing and much more!
For a complete list of services check out "my marketing plan"

Speaking of commission.....

In Saskatoon the "most commonly used commission structure" goes this way...
6% is paid on the first $100,000,
4% is paid on the second $100,000
2% is paid on the remaining amount of the sale price

For Example...
Commission on a house that sells for $300,000 (given the above scenerio) is:

$6000 (for the first $100,000)
$4000 (for the second $100,000)
$2000 (on the remaining amount...$100,000 in this case)

for a subtotal of
$12,000 + $1320 (11% tax) for a total of $13,320

The cost to sell this home with One Percent:
$7950 + tax = $8,824.50

In either example the total commissions payable is divided between the Listing Agent
(representing the Seller) and the Buyer's Agent. 11% (tax) goes to the government.

Please note, there can be many variations to the commissions charged!
One size does not fit all!
Real Estate Agents can independently set their fees so it pays to ask!

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