Testimonials from happy MLS® Mere Posting (FSBO) Clients:

Sue provided a unique opportunity to sell my house privately but still get the listing on MLS®. This definitely increased the amount of interest in my house. I sold my house a week after getting on the MLS®. Sue was very helpful and detailed from the initial visit to the closing of the sale. I would highly recommend her mere listing option for anybody interested in saving money on comission and selling their house on their own.

- Kevin

Thanks Kevin for sharing your experience with a mere posting MLS® listing. When we met you were already commited to selling yourself and you understood the value of getting listed on the MLS® as being the next logical step. All you needed was that extra exposure to wrap things up and you did an excellent job of doing just that. As a Private Seller you worked directly with a Buyer's Agent and your Legal Representative to addressing all elements of the sale, beyond the actual listing. Not only did you sell within a week but you also sold for more than list price!  Congratulations!
- Sue Stene, Great Rate Realty


We chose to do a mere posting because it was more affordable. At first we were nervous about taking on more of the duties of selling our house, but Sue was able to make it easy to understand and gave us the confidence to sell our house. We sold within 6 weeks. We were really happy with the service and would recommend to anyone who needs to sell a house on a budget

- Logan & Terri
Thank you Logan and Terri! It was a pleasure working with you both to get your home listed on realtor.ca for a flat amount. You did the rest! Selling yourself doesn't work for everyone but for some Sellers getting a basic MLS® listing is all that's needed. With some overview of the process, the Seller takes it from there, . You two rocked it! All the very best to you in your future endevours!
- Sue Stene, Great Rate Realty


I started my “For Sale by Owner” journey clueless of how I was going to make my goal of selling my home happen. The first month, I initially put a ‘For Sale’ sign on my home with marketing on personal social media forums such as Facebook, Instagram and Kijiji.  I had some traction with showings however I wasn’t getting the exposure I wanted nor the serious buyers.  It quickly became apparent from speaking to prospective buyers their first point of reference for looking at homes was on MLS®.  Without having a REALTOR®, I wasn’t getting the contacts and connections MLS® brings.  This led to a google search about how to gain access to MLS® without a REALTOR® and which ultimately led to me connecting with Sue Stene.  Sue provides a “mere posting” service where homeowners can be placed on MLS® and get the exposure needed to sell their home efficiently and affordably.

I initially spoke with Sue on the phone and she provided me a general breakdown of what to expect from this process; fees, services provided with a mere posting and suggestions.  She also provided all ‘For sale’ and ‘Sold’ listings to me prior to accessing her services which was very beneficial in getting a better sense of my home’s market value.

When I finally decided to access her service of the mere posting, Sue met with me at my home and discussed the features of the home. Sue took amazing pictures for the MLS® ad which simply augmented my for-sale post. Sue was extremely professional, honest, prompt and helpful when I had questions or needed assistance. Within the month of being placed on MLS®, my home was sold!  I highly recommend this amazing, cost efficient service for anyone considering selling their home on their own. It was such a wonderful and gratifying experience to be able to sell my house on my own.

Allisha F.

Thank you Allisha for your kind words and for sharing your experience with others who may be in the same place you were, not so long ago. You took to the task like it was natural for you and you did an amazing job! I realize that selling yourself isn't for everyone but it certainly works for some and you were an ideal candidate. I hope by telling your story other like minded folks will give it a shot and realize their goal of selling themselves. For many people the marketing details are the only thing standing in their way. All the very best to you in the future. It was a pleasure working with you!
- Sue Stene, Great Rate Realty